Coaching for the Saints

JFCA Athletics is built upon the foundation of coaches who give of their time and talent to develop student-athletes into competitors capable of fully utilizing their God-given gifts and abilities. The impact a coach has on the life of every athlete they coach is too important to overlook and requires an individual called to serve. As such, JFCA seeks out the best coaches in their discipline who also demonstrate a love for God and for others in how they coach.

Meet our coaches on the Staff Directory page.

The profile of a JFCA coach is a community leader who has an ever deepening relationship with Jesus and desires to grow young athletes to their highest potential as a person and an athlete. They understand the value of competition as well as how faith in Jesus provides a freedom to compete without fear, without regret, and full of joy that surpasses winning. 

If this resonates with your coaching style, or you'd like to coach under this type of leadership, please fill out the JFCA Coach's Application below and return with an updated resume to JFCA or email to the Director of Athletics. Interested coaches are asked to apply even if current openings are empty. JFCA is constantly seeking to add quality coaches to its programs and continue serving the JFCA community. 

All coaching opportunities with JFCA are volunteer based with several receiving nominal stipends. Teaching positions may be available for part-time employment in certain disciplines. If you have interest in teaching and coaching at JFCA, please indicate on the application.

Current Openings

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JFCA Coach's Application

Please submit to the Director of Athletics with an updated resume.

JFCA Coach's Application